Street Magic × World of Gamma

Title: Street Magic × World of Gamma

Description: In this four-week run, we will create a world using I’m Sorry, Did You Say Street Magic (ISDYSSM), and then explore the world we created using Dan Brown’s World of Gamma.

Duration: 3 Hours per session

Breaks: Ten minute breaks on the top of the hour


August 1st, 4:00PM Pacific, Session 1 : We start with a GM-less game of ISDYSSM, wherein I will be your facilitator and walk us through the game procedure as we collaboratively create a city, it’s neighborhoods, landmarks, and key residents.

August 8th, 4:00PM Pacific, Session 2 : We shift into World of Gamma, wherein I will be your Game Master as we walk through character creation and game mechanics.

August 15th, 4:00PM Pacific, Session 3 : Free play, wherein we explore the city and our characters relation to it. We will also identify a primary conflict or situation we wish to resolve.

August 22nd, 4:00PM Pacific, Session 4 : Resolution and fall out, wherein we will hard frame to the middle of the conflict, and reflect on our characters’ lives after the resolution.

August 29th, 4:00PM Pacific, Session ? : Reserved as a flex day in case we miss a session or need just a little bit more time to complete our tale.

Recording: This game will not be recorded.

Safety Tools: Lines & Veils, X-Card, Script Change. The Open Door Policy is in place as well as the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct. (

Prior Experience: No prior experience is required; rules will be taught in play.