Stuck in Jawbone, a Dungeon World mystery module

The latest playtest version of my Dungeon World module Stuck in Jawbone is PWYW on, in case you’re in the mood for a mystery with a little Weird West flavor and lots of interwoven secrets.

I think the coolest feature is the sheer number of entry points into the mystery. Investigate a cursed mountain town with a haunted temple, a sewer full of invasive predators, and a sinister magical factory. Get involved in local family dramas. Interact with sad ghosts, an old man who keeps challenging you to duels, or a girl with a secret identity. They all have clues, and they’re all related – but it might not be clear how until the end.

I originally wrote it as a starter for a longer campaign, but the central mystery is meant to fit into a Gauntlet-style 4-5 session series. I’d love some feedback from anyone who runs it with Dungeon World or any other system as I work on the next version.


Thank you for sharing this! I am not a huge Dungeon a World fan, but the description of the adventure is very much up my alley. I’ll be sure to give this a read!

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Cool! If you run it, please let me know how it goes!

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