Stuck on a Spaceship

Just finished Dying Hard on Hardlight Station horror module from Mothership as a christmas special start for an Impulse Drive campaign. Characters are an Infiltrator, Outsider and Scoundrel on a Vanguard ship - basically non-combat response team for space CIA for the good of the galaxy. Mass Effect 2 with less guns.

One of the players is keen for an adventure just on the spaceship so they have more social Moves occuring. I keep getting stumped thinking of anything other than a murder mystery. Also I was wondering if there are any good improv prompt questions like you have for Dungeon Starters to help with single location plots - or “base under siege” like many Doctor Who episodes have. Possibly an “out of gas” Firefly thing?

Actually I think I’ve got a good idea for a murder mystery so I’ll just do that.

You may have more luck with prompts on the discord server. The format of contributions is more snappy there.