Summer Duets (6 Saturdays in June & July)

For the first 48 hours, please only sign up to one of these sessions.

A Long Night In The Mech Bay

In an ever shifting war that has spread to the entire Merseus System, the Roran Federation’s Ace Pilot has barely escaped from their life from a recent incident. Sadly, there is no time to rest for the pilot or their mechanic. This Mech needs to be ready to fight tomorrow and no one else is available to help. It’s going to be a long night.

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Doubt Comes In

Doubt Comes In is a two player game of love, loss, and uncertainty. Inspired by Hadestown and the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice

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Heaven Not Hell

Heaven Nor Hell is a game for two or more players where you play otherworldly immortal beings split across heaven and hell.

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Remember Me

Remember Me is a two player game exploring the role of memory in our identities, specifically the memories others have of us. Players take on the roles of two people who have and may still care deeply for one another, who describe the other through a memory. They listen, ask questions, and fully flesh out the memory before the listener decides if they believe their companion and integrate the memory, or if they reject it.

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The Sailor and the Siren

One of you will play the Sailor: dashing, human, and foolish. Will you survive the Siren, or fall prey to her whims?
The other will play the Siren: beautiful, inhuman, and hungry. Will you fall in love with the Sailor, or give in to your hunger and kill them? Perhaps both?

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A Duet of Steel

Throughout your life, throughout generations of your family, throughout the various fronts of your war, you have had one great rival. Again and again you clash with them, one walking away the victor of the battle, but bearing the scars of your war.

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RSVPs open to all 23rd April at 3pm (GMT)

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RSVPs open to all now - seat still available for ‘Heaven nor Hell’ and ‘The Sailor and the Siren’