Summer Duets (Mondays in June)

For the first 24 hours, please only sign up to one of these Summer Duet sessions.
Including One Shot, The Tabula Initiative, Clicks & Hums & Sirens & the Sun, Breaking the Ice, and Radio Silence.

Sign up - One Shot
How far would you go to get revenge?
The Shooter has been wronged… driven to the ends of yourself and left with only one goal: to get even. Permanently.

Sign up - The Tabula Initiative
Will you uncover the truth about your past with the Tabula Initiative before it reclaims you? What will you sacrifice to chart a new future?

Sign Up - Clicks & Hums & Sirens & The Sun
A game about lost love, second chances, and house music.

Sign Up - Breaking the Ice
In Breaking the Ice, two players tell the tale of the ups and downs of falling in love. Together they take on the roles of a pair of characters going on their first three Dates.

& a bonus game we’ll play asynchronously in July!

Sign up - Radio Silence
Radio Silence is a digital romance larp using music to interact instead of your own words.
Instead of playing this over VOIP and in a single session, we’ll be playing this asynchronously submitting a song each night for two weeks as we build up our conversation.

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