Sword Breaker is a great Podcast


Hey all, I’m new here, but was sort of active in the old G+ community.

Anyway, just want to say I started listening to Sword Breaker, a DW podcast by @Logan_Howard.

I listened to the first episode and said - hey, that’s ok, a few technical issues to fix. And fortunately a nice bite size podcast at around 10 minutes.

I listened to a few of them interspersed between my other regular podcasts. Around episode 5, Logan introduced a new theme song - (which is AWESOME!!!), and mixed in some interviews. And it was at that point I realized that Sword Breaker was an incredible podcast.

So I binged every remaining podcast, setting aside my regular fare to complete what was already available.

What can I say, Logan has created a short podcast packed with great content, and inspiring to boot. It’s got a polished yet DIY feel, which I can’t really explain further, but give it a listen (especially once he hits his stride around episode 4 or 5) and you will see what I mean.

Even his longer form episodes, when he interviews people (Yochai Gal, Ray Otis, others), there is so much great content. The World Building episode was just packed full!

Finally, Logan stretches every episodes by giving 8 variations on the topic. Almost every variation is amazing, and spurs in my brain a whole new campaign or adventure idea. If only I had one or more running DW campaigns. Some ideas though can be used in any fantasy RPG.

It’s so good, I’m considering going back through and listening with a note pad in hand so I can record the amazing ideas in the podcast.


I’m stunned! Thank you so much for the kind words @chrisshorb! This means so much to me!


I really enjoy me some Swordbreaker. Also a huge fan of Logan’s other podcast Monster Brothers. Very creative stuff and plenty of inspiration for me to use at the table.

Its a good day when my podgrabber gets a new episode of either :smile: