Sword Prince Games Presents One Shots!

Hi Gauntlet!

It’s maria of sword prince games, SO HAPPY TO SEE Y’ALL YOU’RE ALL REALLY NICE. )= !!! And it’s really encouraging me to share some of my own story games this month of june check em out:

quick note: these are all playtests! all of em will be done on zoom. Most of my games usually inspire story-telling rather than roleplaying specifically but I’m also trying to see what’s working and not working w how I designed these stuff.

//this one is very short notice sorry, I had trouble posting last week//
JUNE 16 (2020-06-15T16:00:00Z) Here Lie Death Gods
PBTA inspired, play death gods who fetch reluctant ghosts who don’t want to cross over to the afterlife. Slice of life tonality, help a ghost fulfill their last regret but also do some supernatural shenanigans.


JUNE 23 (2020-06-22T16:00:00Z) $Rich Kid Problem$
PBTA inspired. Play the sons and daughters of warlords, mafia bosses, monopolist media houses and your favorite corporate hegemony. That’s right! Be born Filthy Rich TM


JUNE 30 (2020-06-29T16:00:00Z) Endless Tales of Endless Beings
Sandman Lasers &Feelings hack w/ a coin Mechanic. Play one of the 7 endless Destiny, Destruction, Death, Delirium, Desire, Despair, Dream and tell of a tale that’s always been true. /
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All games will use Safety tools : We will be using script change, x-card, lines and veils, and an open door policy. We can change these tools to whatever suits the table best. This game follows The Gauntlet’s Inclusivity Policy.

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