SWS: Storm Furies (Saturdays in June)

Emperor Palpatine is dead. But the Empire still controls parts of the galaxy and it’s up to the New Republic to free more planets from the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. To accomplish this important goal, the New Republic needs new pilots.

That’s you.

Two weeks ago you graduated from basic flight training. You know how to fly a starfighter, but now you’re standing at attention on the flight line in a run-down docking bay at the far end of Vanguard Station, your flight suit still clean and your lieutenant’s bars still shiny, a canvas duffel bag of belongings at your feet, and a veteran pilot yelling at you about how she’s going to turn you into a finely honed weapon capable of blasting TIE Fighters and making attack runs on Star Destroyers.

Welcome to Starfighter Academy.

For June, I’m running a mashup of Storm Furies and the setting of Tachyon Squadron - Starfighter Academy.

This game is part of the ongoing Star Wars Saturdays series. The time setting is after the end of Episode VI of the Star Wars movie series (that’s Return of the Jedi ) when the Empire is falling and the Alliance to Restore the Republic is taking control in fits and starts. If you’ve seen The Mandalorian TV show, that’s a good inspiration for what’s happening in our setting.

Characters and settings created in this miniseries will exist in the SWS canon for future miniseries and added to our wiki (https://starwarssaturdays.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page).

CW: Violence, Imperial power abuse, violence. Strong emotional ties.
System : Paragon system
Duration : Four 3 hour sessions
Breaks : 1 mid-point break per session (10 mins)
Venue : GM’s Zoom
Recording : Yes, but made public only if consent given by all players
Attendance : Joining all sessions is ideal but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.
Safety : Lines & Veils, X-card, and open door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Saturday, June 5, 2021 2:00 PMSaturday, June 5, 2021 5:00 PM Session 1
Saturday, June 12, 2021 2:00 PMSaturday, June 12, 2021 5:00 PM Session 2
Saturday, June 19, 2021 2:00 PMSaturday, June 19, 2021 5:00 PM Session 3
Saturday, June 26, 2021 2:00 PMSaturday, June 26, 2021 5:00 PM Session 4