Tableau Kickstarter Ends Monday - Don't Miss Out On This Unique Storytelling Experience!

My Kickstarter for the first three playsets using the Tableau Games :flower_playing_cards: system is ending this Monday (the 17th), and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Tableau Games is a versatile and innovative game system that uses composable rules on poker-sized playing cards to create a unique and immersive roleplaying experience. The Kickstarter offers three initial playsets - Twilight Road🛣️, Gate Watch🚪, and Improv🎪. Each playset is designed to cater to different storytelling styles and themes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Twilight Road🛣️ takes players on transformative journeys and life-changing encounters, while Gate Watch🚪 is all about mystery, intrigue, and exploring the edges of different worlds. Improv🎪 is perfect for roleplaying, creative writing, and theatre improv enthusiasts who want to embrace the “Yes, and…” spirit in spontaneous storytelling.

The Tableau Games system is flexible, allowing you to choose GM or GM-less play, different narrative styles, player roles, and mix & match story elements to create the perfect story for your group. Character creation is also versatile, with endless combinations using Face, Mastery, Approach, and Path cards.

Additionally, there’s an “Advanced Playtester” tier available for backers who want to help shape the future of Tableau Games. By joining this tier, you’ll be the first to test upcoming playsets like “Lovecraft Country: ‘A Study in Madness’”, “Generations”, and “Steampunk Oz” coming out later this year.

I’ve written up more on about these Tableau Games playset and their design on Twitter at @DvyersHands. Best place to start is in this thread of threads starting at: You can also subscribe for updates at

To support this innovative project and get all three playsets of cards, pledge your support before the Kickstarter ends on Monday:

Don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a journey of endless storytelling possibilities with Tableau Games. Let’s weave unforgettable stories together, because “The best stories are the ones we tell together!” :performing_arts:

– Christopher Allen - Dyvers Hands Publications


Hi, What’s with the addess questionnaire? Do I need to give it to receive the pdf?

No, for some reason Kickstarter would not let me turn that off. All we need is the DriveThruCards email.

— Christopher Allen

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