Tales from the Low Cantrefs: The Blighted Mist

There is something rotten in the Low Cantrefs. No-one knows when it started but all agree that the land is living under a shadow. Fields are planted. Cottages are built, and roofs thatched. Namedays and baptisms are celebrated, and the harvest welcomed in. Babies are born. People fall in love, make new friends, cling to grudges, and forgive old wrongs. And as faded traces of past glories crumble around them, children grow up.

LINK: https://app.playabl.io/games/52

Tales from the Low Cantrefs is a hearth fantasy coming-of-age roleplaying game built on the Apocalypse World engine. It is a game filled with petty village politics, childhood superstitions, adults who just don’t understand, strange magics, wild and ruined Landscapes, monsters out of old folktales, and the terrible responsibility of growing up. Its main themes are adolescence and self-acceptance, grief and sacrifice, and duty and responsibility, all against the backdrop of a slowly-gathering apocalypse.

CW: The PCs are all children and adolescents, and children will be put in danger in this story. It will include conflict between parents and their adolescent children. It will also involve violence and its consequences, as well as long term decay. Though individual stories may have happy endings, the overall tone is that of a world in decay, and in the end everything will not be OK.

This is a series of 8 games of Tales from the Low Cantrefs Playtest on Monday evening in March and April at 8PM Eastern US Time. Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. All-Access time is 2/10 at noon. A seat is being saved.

THIS IS A PLAYTEST IT may be wonky in places, and we may have to jury rig some stuff, but I’m confident we will all have fun. In particular we are Feedback will be sent to the designer, Luke Jordan. We will use Google Meet for our sessions. I’ll email all players about a week before the first session with the necessary links. Sessions will run up to three hours. We will plan to record, but I will confirm this with the players. The Gauntlet Code of Conduct will be in play and we will use Lines and Veils and the X-Card, as well as Script Change. for safety tools.

Note: This requires signing up for the new Open Hearth gaming calendar, on https://app.playabl.io/

I’m in Eastern Time, but it’s showing starting at 9 PM for me for all the events after the first. It looks like it treated it as recurring at 01:00Z and so the start time shifts an hour later due to the DST spring forward.

Is that a glitch in the system, and the sessions are supposed to all start at 8 pm Eastern, whether that’s 8 pm EST or 8 pm EDT?

I’m not quite sure, its reading as 8 PM for me, here in GMT -5. I’ll reach out to the site admins, see if they have an answer. IN the meantime, the game is running at 8 PM US eastern time, feel free to hop in the waitlist if you’re interested in joining us at that time!