Talking Hearts of Wulin (3/5 1700 US EST)

Talking Hearts of Wulin
This is for a 90 minute discussion and Q&A about Hearts of Wulin. Lowell will go over about the system, what he’s learned in running it, ideas for tweaks, the best inspirations, and answers to common questions. But then we’ll open it up to a general talk about about questions folks have, best practices, ideas for hacks, running romance, using wuxia with other genres-- whatever folks are interested in. I’d love to get folks’ ideas, insights, feedback-- and especially what has worked (or not worked for you).

This session will be recorded so we can keep this as a community resource. Participants are welcome to remain off-camera and microphone. This session is governed by out Community Code of Conduct.

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I missed this, but I’d very much like to watch the recording when it becomes available.

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Talking Hearts of Wulin
In this 90 minute seminar/Q&A Lowell Francis-- designer and co-writer for Hearts of Wulin-- talks about this PbtA ttrpg of wuxia melodrama, action, and romance. We cover character creation, playbooks, basic moves, GMing and more.

Talk Outline:


Thank you very much!

I also wrote up a short post with some thoughts from the talk: