Tech Help Questions?

Hey, folks-

Since we play a lot of games online, and folks run into technical issues that are simultaneously general and specific to what we’re doing, any chance of a topic (or even just a thread) where we can ask for help on such things? I’d love to be able to use the collective knowledge available here to find answers that’d otherwise be buried in ads if I try to Google them.


Sure thing. We can use this thread for technical help questions for now.
If we suddenly start getting a ton of various questions, maybe we’ll make a subcategory. For now I’ve added the tag “tech-help” to this topic which can be used for future posts too.

Maybe if we find some useful answers we can write them up like the blog post we have on getting Hangouts on Air setup.


I’d be interested if someone wrote up the ins and outs of running RPGs on Twitch as compared to Hangouts. It’s something I’ve been curious about.


Great! My Tech Question WAS going to be “I just got some great new wired headphones, but they sound all scratchy and squelchy, what’s wrong/what should I do?”

It turns out that the answer was 'plug them into your new Blue Yeti microphone instead of the audio port on your PC and that will fix everything!", but for folks who don’t have that option, what’s the answer? Could the audio port have been the problem even though the computer itself is less than a year old?

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Does anyone have any recommendations as to what headset/gear to get? Perhaps something that doesn’t break the bank, connects without driver-hassle and sounds good? :slight_smile:

I often use a $30 Logitech headset with a boom mic. Sound is decent.