Thanks for giving me a place to be a player


Back in the 90s (*) I was the default GM of our highschool group and later a short-lived college group. Probably because I was the one that actually spent money on the books as well as setting up meets. I love GMing, don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly satisfying. But I never got the chance to level up a character, decide on a single class to play, or feel that excitement/desperation of having a character on the brink of death.

The Gauntlet has given me a place to do just that! Not to mention, you know, actually getting to play RPGs again.

I’ve seen others mention the change from GM to player being difficult. It definitely is. There’s a lot of role playing muscles I never had to flex before. It’s a welcome change tho!

So yeah, thanks Gauntlet. You da real MVP!

(*) I was not in a very famous tv show


You did great in our Uncanny Echo game the other day. Welcome, and hope we get to play together more!


I definitely agree with the sentiment here. I’ve got some people that are willing and interested in in-person gaming, but it’s really hard to get everyone on the same schedule. Gaming over Hangouts has been great, and just being able to pick something new, different, and interesting that fits just MY schedule has been great.

Also the community is especially deserving of special recognition for it’s embrace of inclusivity. So important, and just makes everything more pleasant.