The Between - Alun R

The Between (1/8)
We meet ‘Razor’ Rose Roberts, the American who has only been in London for a month or so; Annie Morrish, the Vessel who made contact with dark entities while still in the womb; Dr Victor Weiss, the Mother, and his servant and Factotum, Chambers. While Dr Weiss is busy the other hunters investigate reports of a haunting. There’s an over-worked cook in search of help, a deception to gain entry, blood … and carnations. Then … strangulation, visions of other places and other times and … a very sinister boy child …

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The Between (2/8)
We learn something of London by night when ‘Razor’ Rose, the American, reveals her penchant for raw meat and Chambers, the Factotum, meets one of their ‘Informals’. Meanwhile, Dr Weiss, the Mother, visits St James’ Street where Annie Morrish, the Vessel, becomes convinced that she knows which part of the house the haunting is focussed on. There’s a boxing librarian, a new ‘maid-of-all-work’, and a mysterious embossed envelope … then, blood on the floor and a ritual revealing past crimes while Scotland Yard comes calling and Bethlem Hospital beckons …

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The Between (3/8)
The American, ‘Razor’ Rose, and the Factotum, Chambers, continue the investigation of 18 St James’ Street under different pretexts, while Dr Weiss, the Mother, make a friend in Whitechapel. Then … there’s straight razors in the moonlight, a body stuffed with bibles, and a flock of ravens behaving far from naturally.
(But not all of that’s in the video because of a recording issue …)

The Between (4/7)
‘Razor’ Rose, the American, escapes being trapped above a shop with a case of un-paired hands while Chambers, the Factotum, completes a transactional exchange with a ‘professional companion’. That leaves Dr Weiss to enjoy a moment with the ‘Child’. We see the exorcism of a resistant spirit, a shadowy threat that turns out to be a gutted victim, and the answer to a question. Then … Annie Morrish returns spitting blood and then a tongue before there are rats … so many rats and so much more blood and guts on the infirmary’s tiles …

The Between (5/7)
Hargave House has a visitor summoned by the sadly departed Annie Morrish; another Vessel. Ephraim Parker uses the telegrams Annie sent him to identify more clues about the Coven that killed her. Meanwhile, Dr Weiss the Mother and Razor Rose the American prepare for tonight’s ball at Braithewaite Hall where Ephraim will join them. Chambers the Factotum, meanwhile, continues her exploration of Whitechapel and her past.
We meet Barrel Staves, a man not to be trifled with, and Tati Braithwaite, a woman with a predatory air that Dr Weiss cannot but notice and barely avoids. There’s a library and a séance and the Coven reveals itself, marking two of the Hunters and laying down a challenge to a third.

The Between (Finale)
The clock is ticking with only one day before the Coven enacts its ritual, and Inspector Pettigrew demanding progress in the case of Sally-No-Face. The Coven strikes when Ephraim the Vessel examines detritus from the Thames while Factotum and Mother, Chambers & Weiss, almost become pie fodder. Rose the American, meanwhile, attracts cats and is turned away by a respectable servant. Then … Hargrave House invaded, a ritual interrupted, and a serial killer consumed … London may sleep easily for now, but Annie Morrish does not rest easy in death’s embrace …