The Between: Ghosts of El Paso available to Patreon Supporters

A One-Shot Preview of The Between: Ghosts of El Paso is currently available to Gauntlet Patreon Supporters! Ghosts of El Paso is based on The Between and uses The Between rulebook. Ghosts of El Paso is a haunted western game about a town’s vigilance committee attempted to cope with hauntings around the mysterious and supernatural Season of the Wounded Night that occurs every six years! The Ghosts of El Paso preview includes the 6 playbooks: The Marshal, The Bootstrapper, The Lost, The Charlatan, The Inevitable, and The Kid. It also includes the starting Threat, The Lady in White, plus 2 Unscenes and 2 Wounded Night prompts, so Patreon supporters can play one or two sessions of the game before we release the rest of Ghosts of El Paso in August.

See the cover of Ghosts of El Paso here: El Paso Cover|354x500

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