The Between (One shot in August)

This is a playtest of my entry for The Between Threat-writing contest. Please don’t sign up if you’re one of the judges for the contest!

I’m also saving a spot for someone new to the Gauntlet, or who is having trouble getting into games. If that’s you, DM me to claim the spot.

The Between is a pbta game about monster hunters in Victorian England by Jason Cordova. In this one-shot we will create characters who must investigate a terrible murder with supernatural overtones. No rules knowledge is expected and all rules will be taught during play.

Subject matter: The Between is an unavoidably dark game. Murder, cannibalism, body horror, dark sexual themes, threats to children and animals, foul language, blasphemy, witchcraft, and defiling corpses are all things that come up in the game on a fairly regular basis.

We’ll be using Lines and Veils, the X Card, and the Open Door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct:

We’ll be playing over StreamYard, with short breaks on the hour. If the players consent I’ll record the session for my own reference but I don’t intend to post it.

I’ll send a group email a week before the session to confirm interest, share play materials, etc.

Open access time for sign-ups will be 8am 15 July AEST.

Signup at