The Between Writing Contest

We recently held a Threat-writing contest for our game, The Between. Below is a link to the public folder with all the entries. Please feel free to read, play, and discuss! Please do not identify yourself as the author of a particular entry until the judging is complete (we’ll update this post to let you know when that is).


Awesome stuff!

9 Original and 45 New.

So for a 6 Threat Arc for a season or campaign, that’s 9 campaigns worth.

But the cool thing there is variety in the original and new, some are murder mysteries, some are Stop X from doing Y.

Thus you can thread the different types of Threats to give your campaign a theme, Homicide Detectives vs Guardians of the Realm vs Body Parts R Us.

I feel like one of use released Keep on the Borderlands and then the rest of us homebrewed the rest of the World Setting, so cool :smiley: