The Between

All access date 4 March 2021
5 sessions on Sundays in May at 2pm (GMT) of Jason Cordova’s PbtA game set in a dark, gothic, liminal, Victorian London and channelling Penny Dreadful.
It will be published in an upcoming edition of the Gauntlet Codex.
[CONTENT WARNING] Very dark horror …

Sun 2 May:
Sun 9 May:
Sun 16 May:
Sun 23 May:
Sun 30 May:

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The Between (1/5)
We meet the residents of Belgrave Square’s Hargrave House: Hence Unruh, the Vessel of Darkness and their Factotum, Moore; Constance ‘The Angel’ O’Neill, the American visitor; and Dr Marta Weiss, the Mother. Their attention falls on reports of the death of a maid at St james’ Street and they decide that this is a mystery worthy of investigation. There’s a vase full of blood, an early death, a bedroom with a changed function, and an endangered … then the Rites of Salt and Smoke are invoked and the ground floor windows blow out …

The Between (2/5)
Mr Moore and Hence Unruh show the less formal side of their employee-employer relationship before Moore loses a member of the Hargrave House Irregulars to a bowie knife. Meanwhile Angel O’Neill fends off the call of the wild before developing her relationship with Dr Weiss in a different direction at a Turkish bath … then there’s a ritual, a ghost, and an irate detective … and a gunfight …