The Between

All access date 4 March 2021
5 sessions on Sundays in May at 2pm (GMT) of Jason Cordova’s PbtA game set in a dark, gothic, liminal, Victorian London and channelling Penny Dreadful.
It will be published in an upcoming edition of the Gauntlet Codex.
[CONTENT WARNING] Very dark horror …

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Sun 30 May:

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The Between (1/5)
We meet the residents of Belgrave Square’s Hargrave House: Hence Unruh, the Vessel of Darkness and their Factotum, Moore; Constance ‘The Angel’ O’Neill, the American visitor; and Dr Marta Weiss, the Mother. Their attention falls on reports of the death of a maid at St james’ Street and they decide that this is a mystery worthy of investigation. There’s a vase full of blood, an early death, a bedroom with a changed function, and an endangered … then the Rites of Salt and Smoke are invoked and the ground floor windows blow out …

The Between (2/5)
Mr Moore and Hence Unruh show the less formal side of their employee-employer relationship before Moore loses a member of the Hargrave House Irregulars to a bowie knife. Meanwhile Angel O’Neill fends off the call of the wild before developing her relationship with Dr Weiss in a different direction at a Turkish bath … then there’s a ritual, a ghost, and an irate detective … and a gunfight …

The Between (3/5)
While all London enjoys the Grande Guignol, Hence Unruh explores the night accompanied by the ever resourceful Moore. Meanwhile Dr Marta Weiss has an uncanny experience on the way to her Turkish bath. There’s exsanguinated bodies, a dodgy Constable, and a workhouse … then … feral children remind a hunter of their destitute childhood and show them some congealed blood … blood … there’s always blood …

The Between (4/5)
Dr Weiss, the Mother, explores the relationship between two young lovers and Mr Moore the Factotum investigates a Limehouse basement. Meanwhile, Hence the Vessel, finds an unusual decoration on some workhouse blueprints and The American, Angel, leaves her sick-bed to visit an opium den. There are answers to questions and more questions to answer … then exsanguinated bodies, inhuman eyes reflected, gifts and threats …

When a Pinkerton leaves their card, Angel the American visits a grand hotel, where a Scotland Yard detective regrets interrupting her. Meanwhile Hence, the Vessel, and Moore, the Factotum, head to Cremorne Gardens where there’s a young lover implicated, a creature confronted and a pearl exchanged … and that’s before the hunters seek a vampire in the storm drains below Limehouse … there will be blood …