The Big Book of Amazing Tales is on Kickstarter

The Big Book of Amazing Tales is a collection of adventures for Amazing Tales, the RPG for kids aged four and up to play together with their parents. It will also include a chapter by game designer and teacher Baz Stevens on using RPGs in the classroom, and a piece by child therapist Lilly Smith on using RPGs to support kids with additional needs.


What are the adventures?

  • The Quest for the Dragon Crown - this campaign complements the Magical Kingdom’s setting. The heroes take on an epic quest to save the kingdom of Merrydown from invading dragons. It’s got ghosts, mermaids, sea monsters, magical forests and a whole lot of dragons.
  • Captain Cadava’s Treasure - is a campaign for the Pirate Seas setting. A coded treasure map leads the heroes to a long lost treasure. But the heroes aren’t the only ones looking for it, and Captain Cadava might not be quite as dead as people think!
  • The Cryptid Conundrum - uses the Adventures Among the Stars setting. Important Space Rangers and Scientists have been kidnapped by the Cryptids, an alien race obsessed with secret codes and puzzles. The heroes must travel to different planets to investigte and unlock the secrets of the Cryptids if they are to foil their plans.
  • A Dream of Trees - the wisest animals know that fairy land exists in the dreams of trees. So when things start to go wrong in fairy land might the problems be found with the trees themselves? The heroes will need their wits, and knowledge of the natural world to solve the problems.

And if you haven’t got Amazing Tales don’t worry. You can add the core book to your pledge.

Check it out!

This sounds amazing and right up my alley.

Also, expect to hear from me. Accessible Games is literally my company’s name, and it sounds like that’s something you’re doing.

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Five days to go, 91% funded. Please do take a look folks.

3 days to go, 101% funded!

Now the stretch goals. First up is Rescue City, a non-violent setting, where thrilling adventures take place in a city where there’s always someone who needs saving.

Into the last 24 hours now. We’re funded and we’re well on the way to unlocking Rescue City. If you’ve been thinking about pledging, now is the time.