The Big Gauntlet Con 2019 Guests Thread

Hey Everyone! This is the big thread where I’ll be announcing Gauntlet Con guests! I’ll adding a post each day as we announce guests for this year’s con.


The first guest we’re announcing is Diogo Nogueira (@Diogo_Nogueira) of Oldskull Publishing. You might have heard me talk about Diogo’s game “Dark Streets & Darker Secrets” back in August for The Gauntlet Podcast.

You can check out Diogo’s profile on the con website.

At Gauntlet Con, check out Diogo’s events:


Our second guest is Sharang Biswas. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Sharang since 2013 when we met at our Friendly Local Game Store. He won his second IGDN Groundbreaker Award for Most Innovative game this year, and his work has appeared in Codex.

You can read Sharang’s profile on the con website.

Check out Sharang’s events at Gauntlet Con:


Abigail LaLonde will be a guest at Gauntlet Con 2019! They’ve been a cartographer and illustrator on Pentola Beneath the Canals projects and have a Patreon for their cartographic work.

You can check out Abigail’s profile on the con site.

At Gauntlet Con, they’ll be running:


Our Friday guests shouldn’t need an introduction in Gauntlet Spaces. Hayley and Vee have both been active parts of The Gauntlet community and were recently guests on The Gauntlet Podcast. Their game Good Society brought home an IGDN Groundbreaker award for Best Rules.

Check out their profile on the con website



Having met Sharang, that picture is a startlingly accurate representation of what he’s like all the time. Such a good get for us!


Entirely accurate and all the time. If he’s not laughing, he’s up to something.


Ben Laurence (@Ben_L ) will be a guest at Gauntlet Con 2019! Check his zine Through Ultan’s Door and Mazirian’s Garden blog will be a guest this year.

Check out his profile on the con website.

Check out Ben’s sessions at Gauntlet Con:


GMDK, which publishes The Demon Collective zine and the upcoming English edition of Libreté RPG is coming to Gauntlet Con! We’ll be joined by David Shugars, FM Geist, Camilla Greer, and @V.Feasson!

Check out their bio on the Con site.

Camilla Greer will be running her adventure “Night School” with her own Flailsnails OSR system:

FM Geist will be running Roll 4 Tarrasque’s “Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine” with Into the Odd:

David Shugars is running Whitehack: The Vanilla Module:

@V.Feasson is running Libreté:

Stay tuned for more GMDK event announcements!


Today we’re announcing Mendez is going to be a guest at Gauntlet Con 2019!

Check out his profile on the con website!

At the con, James will be running his own game Thousand Arrows:


Our next guest is someone who should need no introduction to the Gauntlet Community: Mad Jay (@MadJayZero)! You can check out his bio on the website

Check out his Gauntlet Con sessions of eXorcists:


Mendez… Diogo… Sharang… this is shaping up to be AWESOME. These are folks I’ve looked up to for a while now.