The Dee Sanction

4 sessions of Covert Elizabethan Supernatural Investigation in April, on Tuesdays at 7pm (GMT).
Put your treachery and heresy behind you and serve the Crown for a stay of execution …

Tue 6 April:
Tue 13 April:
Tue 20 April:
Tue 27 April:


The Dee Sanction (1/4)
Titus Froste the former Scavenger, Theophilus Clark the itinerant Friar, Tobias Slater former Courtier and Jesuit witch hunter, and Maximilian Schwartz a visiting Protestant Herbalist are spared immediate execution after agreeing to become Agents of Dee. They separately encounter a Mr Garland who is … unusual … before meeting outside the Theatre at Shoreditch and being sent north to Norwich in search of ‘an item of import’. There’s friction, rain and mud, a light in the darkness, and evidence of the decay of order in the Kingdom … and a death …

The Dee Sanction (2/4)
When Tobias and Maximillian bury the hatchet for a while they successfully frightening the vagabonds (and Theophilus Clark) from the manor. Our ‘Everyman’, Titus, keeps the Agents on track as Dr Dee’s ‘compass’ leads them to a dilapidated farm. There they encounter a farmer who says he’s expecting them, find his wife, and experience strange events … then … a portal, the farm at a different time, and three ladies in a different ‘place’ … and the ‘item of import’ they had been sent to find …