The Elementalist - A Dungeon World Class

Hello adventurers and dastardly dungeoneers! I’ve created a class for Dungeon World loosely inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender called The Elementalist, it’s quite an explosive class that relies on your own HP for many of the moves. When creating it I wanted something that would act similar to the Immolator, mechanics-wise, but more diverse in theme and action. With the class, I’ve written a small blurb to accompany it akin to the ones in the base book.

You used to be like the rest of the commoners, going about your majorly inconsequential life every day until one day you would die. But that is no longer the case. One day, someway, somehow, your potential became known and too great to be ignored. Whether in a destructive display of the forces at work within, or a quieter slip away from those you might hurt, you had to leave that life behind. Perhaps you were born for greatness, with destiny etched in lights above your little head. Or maybe it’s a curse from a warlock, generations past and thought broken. No matter the reason, the result is the same: you live with a raging battle of the forces of nature taking place in your very soul. Will you tame the elements within, and bend them to your will? Or will you let the battle engulf you, with the elements themselves spraying forth from your very being? Well, I suppose you’ll find out soon enough.

If you use the class and have some suggestions, or find some things out of place or, even worse, grammatically incorrect, please leave me some feedback via this form <3

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Hi! I just put this up on my ko-fi, so if you like the class and feel particularly kind, consider dropping me one. Thanks!

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The playbook is also now on DriveThru, with some awesome art! If you like the playbook and want it in your collection or want to see any updates that may come to it, I’d suggest picking it up here

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