The Elephant & Macaw Banner - live on Kickstarter now!

Hello everyone! I just launched a Kickstarter for The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG, a game of adventures with sword and musket where the creatures of Brazilian folklore are real.
Now you too can confront the terrifying Tongue-Snatcher, get hassled by the mischievous spirit Sacy-Perey, pay homage to the Queen of Hummingbirds, and more.

Check it out - and get the free, ENnie-award-winning Player’s Guide - at:


Geek Native has an exclusive EAMB art preview - including adventurers and monsters illustrated by Ursula Dorada (SulaMoon), Rodrigo Camilo, Cássio Yoshiyaki, and Gabriel Rubio.

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EAMB creator Christopher Kastensmidt talks about the game’s mechanics in the first of a series of short introductory videos.

And here Chris introduces the magic of The Elephant & Macaw Banner: the Faith of the Christian Church, the shamanic Breath powers of the indigenous pajé, and the Ifá divinations brought to Brazil from Africa.

No Dice Unlimited has this review, plus a brief profile of designer Christopher Kastensmidt.

Also available in Italian!

Chris made a video about the combat system - which includes some of what tbh I’m more interested in, the design thinking behind it. I was particularly interested in his comment that PCs almost never get killed, but how things still feel dangerous. (When I’ve run the game, I have noticed a similar feeling in early action scenes to early fights in Trophy Gold sessions – this definitely won’t kill you now, but are you going to regret taking this risk further down the line?)
Happily, the next video planned is entirely about the design process and development.

In the meantime, however, here’s how fights work.

Here’s a live Q&A (not live any more, this is the transcript) about EAMB on Dan Davenport’s #randomworlds chat room -

“I would have hoped for a dozen more pages, but the ones available are remarkable.” A comprehensive chapter-by-chapter review of the full Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG rulebook, from No Dice Unrolled.