The Farrier's Bellows - Fall of Magic

Pack up camp and let’s hit the road, today we’re setting off on a journey of magic and self-discovery in Ross Cowman’s Fall of Magic! We talk about the physical and emotional beauty of this evocative game, and explore how it tackles the travelogue genre. We discuss the journey as the goal, some stories that have done this well, and why exactly it has such a solid place in our hearts. Come join us as we make our trek to the land where magic was born!


Great to see this podcast tackling such a variety of classic and new indie/story games. I really enjoy the difference in perspectives from Zack and Diana. Keep it up!


Not a game I’d considered playing, but having listened to your enthusiasm …

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I really like the idea of using this as a character generation process for another game. Like Traveller, where character creation is its own mini-game.

I played a day-long session of Fall of Magic where we did the whole map. We’d agreed to a bittersweet, Ghibli-esque tone for the playthrough and largely stuck to it, though things got a touch more gonzo OSR as we went. @JimLikesGames provided the scroll and facilitated the game, and he recorded an episode of his podcast about it here:


I run a monthly game for teens at a library. We’re reaching a conclusion to our Epyllion campaign and some of the kids are itching to try something more serious.

Would Fall of Magic be appropriate for young teens? Would it handle 8 players?

Also, this post seems to be missing the “Farrier’s Bellows” tag so it took me an extra step to find.

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You would need to run two tables to accommodate 8 players.

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