The Farrier's Bellows - Kagematsu


The newest episode of The Farrier’s Bellows is now in the feed! This one is about the classic story game Kagematsu. It’s a really terrific discussion, particularly the Inmost Cave section, where they discuss power imbalances. I think you’re going to enjoy it!

Find the episode here:

Purchase Kagematsu here:

Let Zack and Diana know what you think in the replies!


Aw, I was just going to post “!” Or perhaps a few of them since that best represents what I wanted to say but the forums say a post has to be at least 20 chars and have I seen the like button? I have but it’s not the same!

Anyway, I am excited to listen to this one!


Loving this new podcast so far! Great choice of hosts.


I for one want both the chivalric Arthurian version with the max raunch version.

(That said if you were looking into this, the whole “conduct of the castle” trope is a rich vein. What’s the biggest insult: sleeping with your host’s wife/daughter, or presuming that he doesn’t know about it?)


Really enjoyed this episode though it made me sad to hear Diana lament being the only woman at the table.

As a straight cis-white guy who is frequently in the minority at their gaming table, hold out hope!


OK - I don’t know what it was about this episode, but you’ve somehow really turned a corner for me.

The first two eps were in the category of things I wanted to like.

This one slotted right into the category of things I like.

Great job!


New podcasts usually take about 3 or 4 episodes to hit their stride. Trust me—I know!


That is good to know - I have thought about dipping a toe into the realm of podcasting myself.