The Farrier's Bellows - Lady Blackbird

Ahoy there! We’re back once again, and this week we’re setting off into the Wild Blue Yonder with John Harper’s Lady Blackbird. We talk about the ease, accessibility, and adaptability of this iconic game of steampunk, swashbuckling, and romance as it puts together a wonderful ensemble cast that befits a legacy of the most iconic crews. Join us, and look out for sky squid!


Hey if you want more inner party conflict, play Magister Lor. It’s two teams of two pitted against each other, but will someone defect to the other side, will the teams come together?
I’ve played once and it was fantastic, but go in knowing that there will be two opposing teams for the protagonists.


Hehe. I’m running a campaign of this with my younger sister and her friends. At the end of the first session, Snargle disobeyed orders and swerved The Owl dangerously to catch a young girl falling off a sky squid (the ship had been attacked by sky squid-riding raiders). So my sister brought another friend to the next session, explaining that she would be playing this new character rescued by the The Owl crew. Here’s the character sheet I quickly whipped up for Hester, combing some new Traits with ones that are unlockable for PCs. I gave her a Key to represent her gratitude to Snargle and Naomi and another to represent the burning desire for vengeance on the Empire she shares with Naomi.


Totally loved the episode. I just played Lady Blackbird the first time last weekend, and I so agree with everything you say.
Did I miss it in the podcast, or did you not talk about the refreshment scenes? I find them so wonderful. We had quite a few of them. I think this is a really elegant way of combining some mechanical benefit (refresh your die pool) with lots of character background and relationship building.


Awesome show! I thought exactly like you before this podcast. I thought if everything is spelled out how can you create an interesting story? I even listened to a couple of bland plays online. Now I am compelled to dig into this game myself now.


That was such a good game! Thank you for joining it on such short notice!

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