The Farrier's Bellows - Psi*Run


There is a new episode of The Farrier’s Bellows out today! In this one, Zack and Diana are trying to remember who they are in Psi*Run!

Thanks to Zack B. for production on this episode.

The Farrier’s Bellows is now available on iTunes and in the Google Play Store!


Thanks for this episode! One of my daughter’s friends couldn’t make our regular Masks game, so I (inspired by this 'cast) proposed a semi-gmless Psi-run in the limited time we had last Saturday, and it absolutely delivered. Great stuff that never would have happened without your show.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to share links yet, but the AP recording is over here:


Nice! That’s really great to hear. Cc @zwGarth


Oh man, that is awesome! I can’t wait to listen to this. PsiRun makes a great alternative to Masks especially as like an in-universe one-shot exploring a different team or something–great call. Not sure of your previous experience with PsiRun but there’s a great thread over here where folks are sharing lots of tips that I’m definitely taking notes on (I should have been doing time skips as new locations long ago). Glad you enjoyed the episode!


That masks/psirun crossover was exactly the sort of thing my players were looking for. The session ends with one of the characters sending a message to other kids like them to head for Halcyon City and Phoenix Academy.


I ordered a copy of Psi*Run as a result of this episode. Looking forward to running it someday.