The Farrier's Bellows - Questlandia

It’s a new Farrier’s Bellows, and this time we’re saving the kingdom with Hannah Shaffer’s Questlandia!
We talk fantasy, collaborative worldbuilding, and systems of discovery in this wonderful GMful game of lands on the brink of collapse and their sometimes unlikely heroes.
Enjoy, and let us know what you think of this game and episode!


I’d seen Questlandia mentioned here and there before but never with enough detail to make me understand what made it special the way you did in this episode. So thanks for adding yet another game to my ever growing list of “I have to get around to playing these some day”… :wink:


I listened to this episode yesterday and enjoyed it very much. So far, The Farrier’s Bellows team has done a great job on every episode I have heard. I would love to have a follow up to this episode covering Noirlandia as well.


This is more centered on Questlandia than The Farrier’s Bellows, but for those who found the game interesting, the designers (Hannah and Evan) have been developing a second edition/sequel game and documenting it on a podcast called Design Doc.

This new version has unfortunately just recently been put on hold a bit in favor of another game that’s going to be faster to bring to market, but they’ll pick it up again, and the backlog is still interesting if you haven’t heard the podcast before. It’s really been interesting to me to hear their process of going back over an old design and seeing what they want to keep or not, and what they thought worked or not. If you’ve got extra pod bandwidth in your life and are interested in game design nitty-gritty, I think it’s worth a listen!