The Farrier's Bellows - Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne



It’s a new Farrier’s Bellows, and this week we’re looking at the horror vignette game Witch: the Road to Lindisfarne! We talk about the game’s themes of religious persecution and misogyny, as well as its take on the vignette style of story games and use of pre-gen characters. Let us know what you think!


This was very enjoyable! I haven’t played Witch yet and I reckon listening to this could be a good primer before playing.

I thought that the points about what the witch character was innocent/guilty of and character vs player knowledge were interesting.

Also curious about playing with a larger group and/or more scenes. It sounds like a game that is adjacent to social deduction games like werewolf, the resistance etc. but with actual roleplaying.

Anyway, thoroughly enjoying the farrier’s bellows!


Picked this up recently and eager to play. This was a great primer!