The Gauntlet Podcast - 1%er Supers, Dream Askew, Cryptomancer


In the newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, @edige23 and @Auzumel_S are joined by @Bethany_H to discuss 1%er Supers, Dream Askew, and Cryptomancer!

Huge thanks to @RichRogers for doing the editing on this episode.

Cc: @Chad_Walker @Robert_Nolan

Enjoy! And let us know what you think in the replies!


I’m currently playing Dream Askew with my Sunday morning group. We have really been enjoying the Regular Moves that each playbook is given. They are actions we can take or questions we can ask that nobody can stop. They are just things you can do.


What is Gauntlet Comics, for us newbies? My understanding is that it’s a bunch of different games all basically set within ‘Gauntlet City’?


Hey Will! You’ve got it. Gauntlet Comics is this shared setting where we pretend it’s a comics imprint.
I maintain a wiki for it, and put out podcast episodes with a fake news cast.


I really enjoyed this installment of the podcast. I especially enjoyed hearing @Bethany_H’s thoughts on Dream Askew. I had some similar responses to my experience with Dream Apart. I’ll try to write up my thoughts and post it in the near future. Cheers!


The love for Cryptomancer expressed in this episode made my heart explode.


I’m posting here for anyone wondering about the origin of “One Percenter”.