The Gauntlet Podcast - Forbidden Lands, Spire RPG, Trophy, HILT//BLADE


The newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast is here! In this one, Lowell and I are joined by Darren Brockes to discuss Forbidden Lands, Spire RPG, Trophy, and HILT//BLADE.


Forbidden Lands

Spire RPG

Trophy (Codex - Dark 2)


Ooh, I’m especially excited for this as I’m a huge fan of SPIRE, having recently run Eidolon Sky for my school rpg club. The snippets I’ve seen of the forthcoming Strata supplement look amazing too


I need to take a look at it. I have the book but haven’t had time to check it out yet.


I’m also stoked for Trophy too now — I’m running Masks of Nyarlathotep through Cthulhu Dark so certainly happy to see some other directions that leans.


Listening to this now! I played Forbidden Lands for the first time last night (GMing it) so I’m excited to hear yalls thoughts on the game.


Trophy is really something. And getting better every month!


@darren I’m so stoked for HILT//BLADE!! Being interrupted when hot on raging teenage hormones to then have to suit up and battle is exactly the kind of bs I want to get into XD

Also, all around good episode. I appreciate these deeper reflections.

I might run Spire soon and that there is no direct mechanical way that enforces the state of oppression the players are under is one of my major concerns.