The Gauntlet Podcast- Gauntlet Con, Tome of Mysteries, Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, Tides of Gold

Its a new episode of The Gauntlet Podcast . This time Sherri and I talk with @RichardRuane , who has an awesome list of things he played in July. Sherri talks about the new Monster of the Week supplement, Richard talks about Diogo Nogueira’s modern fantasy rpg, and I add on to my blog comments about @Cass’s Tides of Gold . Thanks to @RichRogers for another great edit.


Here’s my earlier post on Tides of Gold:


Great episode! Terrific conversation, super informative. I was really happy to hear about Gauntlet Con 2019. I’m so proud of @RichardRuane for what he has been doing with it. It’s going to be amazing!


Since I have heard Lowell mention 13th Age several times, I wanted to make sure he knows about King of Dungeons, a rules light version of 13th Age by Baz Stevens designed for a stripped down maybe light-hearted game of dungeon crawling and monster fighting. I backed it on Kickstarter and recently it was released and it does some fun things with the Archmage Engine.

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Interesting-- I hadn’t heard of that. I will have to track that down.

What was the name of the k-drama mentioned during “Giving me life”?

Korean Odyssey! It’s on Netflix US right now.