The Gauntlet Podcast - Legacy 2e, World Wide Wrestling: The Road, Crossroads Carnival


In the newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast, @edige23 and I are joined by @Tylom to discuss Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (2e), World Wide Wrestling: The Road, and Crossroads Carnival. This is a terrific episode, and one that really celebrates The Gauntlet community. It was a delight to record.

And thanks to @RichRogers for producing the episode!


Cc: @Jay @Kate_Bullock


Loved this episode. All that passion and love for people and games… goes down real smooth <3

I always love hearing the detail in your analyses of your experiences with the games.

And the difference in sensitivities and sensibilities of where conversations about race are can be very different. It’s sometimes hard to navigate.


Thanks for your thoughts on Legacy! It’s been really lovely seeing people’s responses to the new edition. Though I will say that I’m only half the creative team - Douglas can’t do much online promo, what with his job working offshore rigs, so it’s easy for me to accidentally erase him or crowd him out, but I’m really grateful for his contributions to this book.