The Gauntlet Podcast - Origins 2019, Hit the Streets, Project Lycra, Blazon

The newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast is out.
In this episode @Auzumel_S, Patrick, and @RichRogers discuss Project Lycra , Blazon , and Hit the Streets (just wrapping its Kickstarter). They also talk about Origins 2019 and some of the dynamics they saw at play there. Check it out!

Show Notes:
Games Played
00:34 - Rich’s games played and Spotlight - Hit the Streets: Defend the Block
13:50 - Patrick’s games played and Spotlight - Project Lycra
25:11 - Sherri’s games played and Spotlight - Blazon

Guest Segment
33:16 - Origins 2019 recap

Giving Me Life
55:40 - Sherri is into Dragon Quest Builders
56:56 - Patrick lavishes praise on DIE (the comic and RPG)
1:00:00- Rich… likes riding a bus?

Links to Stuff Discussed on the show:
Hit the Streets: Defend the Block’s Kickstarter ends the morning of July 31st!

Blazon, by Rose Bailey, can be found on Drive thru RPG


A great episode this week!

I wanted to chime in and confirm that GAMA is going through a leadership shakeup right now, with a new Executive Director recently coming on board. I suspect that had a lot to do with any difficulty Games on Demand may have encountered this year. GoD puts butts in seats, and we collect quite a bit of generic ticket revenue every year, so we’re definitely a valued participant, despite this year’s hiccups.

That said, the very best thing everyone can do is LET GAMA KNOW that Games on Demand is a draw for you, and that you consider their attention to it important. In your tweets and Facebook posts, go ahead and tag Origins (@originsgames) and the official Games on Demand account (@Games_On_Demand) in your reviews and requests.

For my part, my best moment of Origins was when someone told me I was “the nicest high-strung person” they had ever met. That’s my brand, right there. For anyone else, it’s very possible to come to Origins and settle into Games on Demand and never leave! Do it!