The Gauntlet Podcast - The Black Hack 2e, Rider's Last Rites, The King is Dead


The newest episode of The Gauntlet Podcast is here! In this one, @edige23 and @Auzumel_S are joined by @VeeHendro and Hayley from the Storybrewers to discuss The Black Hack 2e, Rider’s Last Rites, The King is Dead, Masks long-term play, and several new projects Vee and Hayley are working on! This is a fantastic episode—I was grinning from delight the whole time I listened. Huge thanks to @RichRogers for editing.

You can find links to the games discussed on our website, linked below.

Cc: @SidneyIcarus @lumpley


I’m here to feel pity for Snakeman Assassins, be they Assassins who target, or are themselves, Snakemen, especially both.

Came to listen to TBH & Riders, and stayed for Surprise Storybrewers!