The Great American Witch (Mondays in June)

Modern witches protect the secret world of witchcraft from the supernatural, secret societies, and those seeking to destroy them.

The true nature of your characters is hidden to the world even as they live in it, fighting the supernatural and engaging in spiritual warfare. The very existence and livelihood of witches are threatened daily. But in these dark times they maneuver, they collect their power and forge solidarity among the disenfranchised, the abused, and the forgotten. Witches subvert the unseen forces working to destroy them. They craft magick until it is transformed by the unbridled power of the forces of creation.

You must RSVP for each session you wish to attend.

Content Warning: witchcraft, supernatural organisations, oppression - though we’ll choose themes as a group in the first session.
System: Based on Great American Novel/PbtA
Duration: Four 3 1/2-hour sessions
Breaks: 2 breaks per session (5-10 mins each) or as required
Venue: GM’s Zoom
Recording: Yes, but made public only with all players’ enthusiastic consent!
Attendance: Joining all sessions is ideal but not required
Safety: Lines & Veils, Script Change, and Open Door Policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session 1 2021-06-07T19:00:00Z2021-06-07T22:30:00Z
Session 2 2021-06-14T19:00:00Z2021-06-14T22:30:00Z
Session 3 2021-06-21T19:00:00Z2021-06-21T22:30:00Z
Session 4 2021-06-28T19:00:00Z2021-06-28T22:30:00Z

(I have no idea why my brain told me yesterday when I posted this that RSVPs should take a week to open, but) RSVPs open to all on April 4th at 11.30 GMT+1