The Inclusivity Policy

The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy

The Gauntlet strives to create an inclusive, safe, fun and engaging community for gamers of all kinds. While we know everyone in our community strives to do their best, we understand it is necessary and important to have a guiding document on how to be a good citizen and how to handle harassment in our community. We hope providing this document will help create a safe space and continue to encourage our members to reach out and be wonderful citizens.

Membership Guidelines

We ask that all members of our community function within the following guidelines:

Always assume best intentions

Assuming best intentions means believing that people are speaking and acting with their best intentions at heart. This means when someone says or does something, you try to see it in the best possible light.

Act with integrity and kindness

While it’s important to be heard and share our opinions, it’s just as important to keep our community a positive, safe space. Do your best to act with kindness, maintain your personal and community integrity, and to ensure that you’re helping create a safe and inclusive environment. By upholding our values with kindness, we can continue to be supportive of one another.

Maintain a safe space

While we play games for fun, some content in games and some comments by gamers may be felt to be offensive or exclusionary. It’s important to try to forge an inclusive and safe space at our gaming tables. To do so, all our games use an X-Card during play to help encourage safe gaming. We also recommend that every game have a tone conversation. For more information on these tools, see the Tools of the Table below.

Be a good citizen

Being a good citizen means being a positive, supportive, and kind person in the Gauntlet community. Good citizens do their best to avoid hurting others, they are conscientious of the space they’re occupying, and they try to ensure they are being inclusive of everyone. Good citizens do not deliberately hurt each other, participate in offensive or derogatory behaviour, or make offensive or harmful comments or jokes. All good citizens act within the framework of our inclusivity guidelines and our harassment policy.

Harassment Policy

The Gauntlet community is dedicated to ensuring the safety and inclusion of all its members. We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free space for all gamers. We will not tolerate harassment in any form. Members who violate this policy may be removed from the community.

Any member who experiences harassment should reach out to the Gauntlet Community Review. We will investigate any reports of harassment and will respond to you within a twenty-four hour period.

Gauntlet Community Review


The Gauntlet strives to create a safe and inclusive space for all gamers from all walks of life. We celebrate all races, ethnicities, body-types, the full spectrum of genders, all sexualities, and all persons with a range of abilities and disabilities. While this list is not complete, we do function with a spirit of inclusiveness.

We believe firmly that a diverse range of experiences and perspectives is completely necessary in building a thriving and healthy gaming community. We are constantly attempting to remove barriers as much as possible and provide tools to create a safe and inclusive space.

All gamers are welcome to join the Gauntlet and help us forge this inclusive, safe, and welcoming community.

Tools of the Table

Games organized through the Gauntlet are expected to use tools for safe, welcoming play. To read about the Tools of the Table, please visit


Hey guys - I am starting a storygamers meetup and want to adopt your inclusivity policy with a very few minor adjustments (fix names, explicitly sanction non-x-card safety tools, etc.). Is it OK if I just grab your text and adapt it?

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@jasoncordova @tomes and @Kate_Bullock might have thoughts?

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Fine by me, so long as they credit The Gauntlet and Kate Bullock.


I also would like the permission to adopt the inclusivity policy, for a game designers’ forum that we are forming in Korean. May we translate and adopt the policy with minor alterations? We’ll credit The Gauntlet and Kate Bullock at the end of the article.

@jasoncordova I am wondering if we should Creative Commons license it or something similar?


Yeah, that sounds great!


Yeah, possibly. The only thing about doing a CC, though, is we won’t know who is using it. I’d like to know who is using it so we can communicate that to our members who may be considering joining other communities, or to promote the groups that are using it.


Someone invited me to a shared artist space. I asked what the vibe was like and she said…radically inclusive. Made me laugh but I love that term now.


I look back at this post and can’t believe I said ‘Hey guys’.


Can’t edit it or it would read ‘Hey folks’.

Good morning! I’m the Community Chair for New MexiCon. We are working on our community guidelines for our online spaces, and @Jason_Kottler suggested we look at your policies. Would it be ok if we included parts of your policies, with appropriate attribution?

Thank you!


We’re glad to help encourage a diverse and safe gaming culture! Please include any parts you find helpful as long as you give us credit and link back to the original if possible.


Will do! Thank you very much!

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Hi everyone, the Gauntlet has formulated an updated Code of Conduct that you can find here:

… and here on the Forums: The Gauntlet Code of Conduct

I’ll close this thread for now to avoid confusion. (New thread see the topic above.)