The Night Witches Wrap Party and Documentary

The Night Witches Wrap Party and Documentary:

After 10 months of play, a couple of dozen players, and much drama, heartache, and loss, the Great Patriotic war as envisioned in Jason Morningstar’s Night Witches has come to a close.

To commemorate, we’re having a final session that’s a chance to provide epilogues to the lives of some of the characters and recall some of our favorite moments, all framed as a cable documentary on the 588th Night Bomber Regiment.

ANYONE who played in even a single session of our campaign is welcome to join. No prep is necessary, this is something of an experiment, but one that we hope will produce some heartfelt moments and opportunities to look at the bigger picture of what the war meant to our characters. We’ll record the session and release it if everyone consents, maybe with some serious-sounding Ken Burns-style voiceovers to hold it together.