The Pried Eye, a Psychedelic Trophy Dark Incursion about Ego Murder

The Pried Eye is a cosmic body horror Trophy Dark incursion, set outside a rural, mid-20th century town, with the theme of communion, and it’s my first released RPG product.

I’m quite proud of it, and I really appreciate the Trophy Dark incursion structure for the skeleton it provides for a writer to build on. But I was curious what others here have to say about how to play with the structure. To be honest, for this and the second one-shot I’m working on, I’ve been sticking pretty closely to the outline provided in the guide for creating incursions in the rules published in the Codex issue.

I’m sure the guidance in the full book will provide more inspiration, nuance, and different things to try, and I’ve noticed some very slight variations in other incursions, like moments or conditions being ring-specific, lists of anywhere from 5 to 15 questions in a single ring, and differences in what kind of encounters or context should be included in each ring. But I was curious if there had been more deviations from the structure in your incursions or ones that you like.

If this has already been discussed extensively, I couldn’t find it with the forum search, but does anyone have any unexpected or interesting incursion structures (that preferably don’t step on Trophy Gold’s toes), different uses for moments, a good strategy for forming insightful questions to the players and when to ask them, etc.?

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