The Pried Eye: A Trophy Dark Incursion (for GFC)

This is a Game Facilitator Camp (GFC) session and is reserved for specific GFC participants. If you would like me to run this incursion for you at a future date, please message me.

Once, this backwoods town only whispered about the sordid histories of its rare newcomers and the abundant setbacks of its long-time residents. But a brilliant flash in the sky a few nights back has brought new topics to the hushed tones of worried recluses and nosy neighbors: odd shapes along the treeline, mysterious lights deeper within, and notes pleasant to the ear dancing on the wind. You’ve heard more enticing rumors, though, those of priceless gems unlike any other, ripe for the taking, and your thoughts can’t escape the tinge of colors you’ve never witnessed before, strange but welcoming, emanating unseen from the woods that were once your childhood playground…

The Pried Eye is a one-shot adventure that I have written and published for Jesse Ross’s Trophy Dark. This is intended as a beginner-friendly session. Characters will be created, and the rules of the game will be explained before play begins.

The session is for four players, including the GM, and will take place Saturday, 2021-06-27T00:00:00Z. It is expected to last about four hours.

Streamyard will be used for video chat, with a link provided by me the day prior to the event, and it will be recorded for GFC use with the consent of the participants.

I will be using the Roll With Me web application and a copy of the official Trophy Dark character keeper to facilitate the game. Links to both will be provided the day prior to the event.

Safety Tools: This event will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct and will use the X-Card, Lines and Veils, and the Open Door policy.

Content Warning: This is a dark, psychological horror scenario that involves significant body horror elements, gory imagery, loss of bodily autonomy, and some dissociative and drug-like psychedelic effects. The game is “play to lose,” in which the players’ characters are most likely doomed as they descend further and further into bleak and unsettling circumstances, and some inter-party conflict is possible. Expectations will be reviewed before play.

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