The Rise of the Quiet

The Rise of the Quiet - Fate Core

CW: Pandemic, illness, violence.

Five Sundays in August.

The year is 2032. Time is running out. The Quiet is here.

The year is 2020. The travelers have arrived. The Quiet is here.

The Rise of the Quiet is a game about time travelers from 2032 trying to prevent the apocalypse by changing the past. The game is mission-based and action-oriented, with some mystery and intrigue to boot.

Based on Fate of Cthulhu, the Quiet uses a similar system, with the physically-enhanced heroes time-traveling to 2020 to alter four ‘Swing Points’ that could save the future. They battle the villains of the day, meddling travelers from other timelines, and the Corrupting nature of their augmentations.

RSVP Open Access Time: July 4 6:00PM US CDT







FYI for anyone looking at this game - I have canceled the run for August and hope to run it later this fall.