The Roleplaying Path: From Novice to Expert in 5 RPGs


Re-reading this thread again, I think Jason @Jmstar has the right approach–just pitch a bunch of games you really love.


This is of course all in theory, with players that have no preferences at all.

  1. Something easy-going that is finished quickly. This is Pulp, Once Upon a Time, Dr. Magnethands and InSpectres can all be played within the hour. All these games also brings the benefit of letting the players to be creative (often by being silly). To break off the chains they got from school where they had to sit quiet and then raise their hands when they want to speak. The game master is here either non-existent or very laid back.

  2. I would then focus more on playing the roles, and setting clear agendas. Collaborative storytelling games built with relationship maps with While the World Ends, Svart av kval, vit av lust and Psychodrame as good examples. Again, no real game master but still demanding playing roles and story collaboration.

  3. Along the way, I would introduce more mechanic based games, like Descent 2, Fury of Dracula, Castle Ravenloft or Mice and Mystics. All these have a thinner story element in them while still having their focus on being a strategical game. The game master role would here be more apparent.

  4. Honestly, after that I would go with a full fledged roleplaying game, like Unknown Armies, Mouse Guard or Tales From the Loop. Not only do they have a specific world, but they also bring a specific mood with that setting. The games would also build on earlier introductions; the game master role, clear agendas and building a story in a collaborative way.

First two points also have the benefit of being no-prep games, making the players wanting to contribute to a gaming session. I had traditional players showing up expecting the game master to entertain them, and I certainly don’t want that in the future.


The games in point 1 made me look them up. (especially the shortness of them)
Downloaded the Manual for TIP, looking into ordering OUAT and still giggling from reading Dr. Magnethands! Thank you! I’m pretty sure these will influence my games as well, since I generally want to make them under an hour long, if possible only half an hour (to fit them into a 50 minute lesson slot).

Not gonna have the kids in primary school drink wine though.

Feel like that’s a bad idea.


Could you expand on how you run Inspectres in less than 60m?