The Sixth Ring: Cold

The newest episode of The Sixth Ring is here! Here’s what @Judd and I have for you this time:
-A discussion about Devil’s Bargains and magic
-An interview with The Cold Hearth Collective about their new Kickstarter, Alchemy
-A deep dive into Conditions
-Cold-based creations
-More excellent short-form play featuring the adventures of Wod Düm.

Thanks to @RichRogers for editing the episode.

We announced another small contest in this one. Create your own cold-based monsters, magic items, and die rolls, post them below. We’ll send a $10 DriveThru gift card to the author of the one we like best.

Here are Judd and I’s cold-based creations…

Winter (Endurance 14)

Sometimes it is a wolf or a bear or or the cold corpse of someone the winter took from you. When the world is out of balance or treasure hunters take one of its prized jewels it might become incarnate and attack.

1 - beckons you to stop, rest your eyes for just a moment

2 - numbs your limbs, freezes your blood

3 - freezes items in place

4 - causes the sap from trees to expand, trees snapping like a children’s toys

5 - makes you forget what the sun looks and feels like

6 - extremities (nose, ears, fingers or toes) fall off like autumn leaves


  1. Skin like ice
  2. Blood like the lake-water under the ice
  3. Breathe of the coldest winds


  • Companionship, bodies huddled against the cold for warmth
  • Fire
  • Movement that gets the blood flowing
  • Furs of beasts that live in winter

Frost Dragon (Endurance 12)

A dragon with shimmering white scales, breath like a blizzard, and a voice like snow being crunched underfoot.


  1. Grousing about wealthier draconic beings.
  2. Burying its fangs in a freshly-caught polar bear
  3. Admiring the lustre of its scales in a mirror-like sheet of ice.
  4. Enjoying the sound of its voice echoing off icy cavern walls
  5. Whispering “life lessons” to its clutch of diamond-hard eggs.
  6. Admiring its collection of ice-entombed adventurers.


  • Diamond-hard scales - Your mundane weapons have no effect against it.
  • Blizzard wings - You are caught in a small, localized blizzard.
  • Frost breath - The dragon unleashes a cone of intensely cold, icy breath on you. Any failed Risk Roll you take to survive this onslaught results in your death… The frost dragon can only do this once per encounter.


  • Bitterly insecure - The frost dragon is extremely insecure and can be greatly distracted by tales of wealthier, more powerful dragons in warmer climes.