The Sixth Ring: Culture

There’s a new episode of The Sixth Ring out today! In this one, we add a new AP segment, Desperate & Doomed. Come meet @Judd’s character, Wod Dum, as they begin exploring The Huntsman’s Manor by @Natalieash. This episode also features a discussion of play culture, a review of Court of the Radiant King by Nicholas Masyk, a discussion about portraying fantasy cultures, and magic items inspired by Greek mythology (including mine, which suffers somewhat from the fact I previously misunderstood the armor refresh rules, haha). Check it out:


Woven on the Loom

Jason rocks out with two magical items inspired by Greek myth.
The Goatskin Shield
This goatskin shield is embroidered with images associated with battle and stained red with blood. It can be marked twice. It can only be repaired at a temple dedicated to a war god or at the church of a Sister associated with battles; the repair may come at the cost of 1 Gold, as usual, or something else entirely.

Eye of the Grey Witches
Holding this smoky glass orb to your forehead will show you the Weakness of a named monstrosity. However, the Monstrosity is able to see you, as well,; when you next engage it in Combat, take an extra Weak Point.

Eventually, someone is going to die and their treasure-hunter friends might want to bring them back. If your Death Gate needs a guardian, Judd has you covered.


It might be a three-headed dog, it might be three doors in an incursion meant to entice you away from walking into the Deathlands, or a snake with more heads than anyone can count.

Endurance: 12

  1. Two heads bite into your body, tearing your flesh and your soul apart like a ragdoll.
  2. One head bites and shakes, causing you to drop everything.
  3. All of the heads bite at once, ripping a spell from the air and eating it like a treat.
  4. The immense body blocks a portal.
  5. Summons the ghost of someone you killed.
  6. Licks up your blood.

Defenses: Scion of legendary monsters. Can smell its prey a world away.

Weakness: Wearing a funerary mask, Wearing a funerary shroud, holding two coins for Charon, Sewing one’s lips shut

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