The Sixth Ring: Fate

The second episode of our Trophy discussion podcast is now available in the Trophy Podcast feed! In this one, @Judd and I discuss playing Trophy with new roleplayers; the Trophy Dark incursion DEVIL, AIM FOR ME; how to effectively use questions at the table; and custom goodies for facing down Death.

Thanks to @RichRogers for production on this episode.

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Woven on the Loom

Jason’s Trophy Gold version of Last Breath

  • Can only be attempted if you have previously communed with Death, participated in some kind of death cult ritual, are loyal to a Sister related to death and dying, or similar—basically, there has to be some kind of fictional connection to the idea of death.

  • Can be invoked when you hit Ruin 6. Instead of retiring your character, erase a number of Gold from your Hoard and then roll an equal number of Gold dice. If any of the Gold dice comes up “6,” Death will make a deal with you that will allow you to return to the mortal coil. Whatever the deal is will change you in some way.

Death as a concrete entity the players can fight

Endurance 12

  1. Points at you
  2. Swings its scythe
  3. Shows you your life in an instant
  4. Snips your life’s fate cord
  5. Vomits dust at you
  6. Offers a grim bargain for a little more time

Weaknesses: Loves a competition sometimes, can be driven through mirrors back into the Quietlands, funereal robes, coins put on eyes,

Defenses: Deathless

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