THE SPRAWL: Before the Blackout

THE SPRAWL: Before the Blackout

The year is 2020. Despite losing their Founder and CEO, Dr. Eldon Tyrell, to rogue Nexus-6 replicants, the Tyrell corporation went forward with the mass production and release of their Nexus-8 model. Because of the violence associated with the previous Nexus-6 models, the Nexus-8 series were not well received and violence quickly erupted between human and replicant.

As always, the Zaibatsu see this chaos as an opportunity. Operators like you and your teammates have been busy running jobs for the corporations. It’s a good time to get rich if you don’t get dead.

Here are five sessions of The Sprawl by Ardens Ludere Games.

The Sprawl is a PBTA game of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future. You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do – or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and – ultimately – disposable.

The Sprawl defaults to adult themes but we’ll use communication and consent tools including the X-Card and Lines and Veils to help shape the game into something we are all comfortable playing.

Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you plan to attend. We will use Streamyard and Roll20 to play. I will record and post the session to youtube if all players consent.

Session 1: Tuesday June 2, 2020. 8 pm EST.

Session 2: Tuesday June 9, 2020. 8 pm EST.

Session 3: Tuesday June 16, 2020. 8 pm EST.

Session 4: Tuesday June 23, 2020. 8 pm EST.

Session 5: Tuesday June 30, 2020. 8 pm EST.

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