The Sprawl: Gauntlet TGIT (August TH 8PM ET)

This is for four August sessions of The Sprawl, mission-based cyberpunk, powered by the Apocalypse. Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged, but not required. Rules will be taught, but familiarity with PbtA will be helpful. In session one we will create our characters, develop our corporate masters, and send you out on a mission.

You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do… or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and disposable.

The Sprawl is a game of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future:

  • Create your own Sprawl at the nexus of bleeding-edge technology and fragile humanity
  • Play hard-bitten professionals caught between ruthless corporate interests
  • Win sometimes, lose sometimes and be double-crossed a lot

There are a thousand stories in The Sprawl . What’s yours?

Content warning: is a game about questionable characters often doing violent shit. Sessions run 2 1/2 to 3 hours. We will record the session and use the X-Card for safety. If you sign up and your attendance or RSVP changes, please also send me a message at edige23 at gmail. I will send out a group email a week before the session with set up and invite details.

2019-08-08T20:00:00Z2019-08-08T23:00:00Z Session 1

2019-08-15T20:00:00Z2019-08-15T23:00:00Z Session 2

2019-08-22T20:00:00Z2019-08-22T23:00:00Z Session 3

2019-08-29T20:00:00Z2019-08-29T23:00:00Z Session 4


I used the right timezone info, so I’m not sure why the listing’s showing it as 4PM to 7PM when its actually 8PM to 11PM.

Hi this is “The Matrix RPG” from slack.
(nevermind, I see this is Eastern)
What is the timezone? I am in the pacific timezone. I can meet in the evenings on Thursday.