The Sword, The Crown and the Unspeakable Power - Consequences


“But 'tis strange:
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.”

Macbeth (Act I, Sc. 3)

This series will run in four 3-hour sessions in July. Signing up for all three sessions is ideal but not a requirement. Sessions will be recorded, but not posted without consent of the players at end of the session.

There may be some strong, mature themes and conflict between characters in this game; because of this, safety is a priority. We’ll use safety tools such as the Lines and Veils, X-Card, script change, and Open Door policy. There will be a tone discussion at the start of each session.

Session 1: 2019-07-03T00:00:00Z2019-07-03T03:00:00Z
Session 2: 2019-07-10T00:00:00Z2019-07-10T03:00:00Z
Session 3: 2019-07-17T00:00:00Z2019-07-17T03:00:00Z
Session 4: 2019-07-24T00:00:00Z2019-07-24T03:00:00Z

The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power: Consequences (1/4)

The powers of the world meet at the Iron Spire. The White Ruin makes an entrance. Amana, the Guardian of the Seal, exchanges pleasantries with Prince Nirax. Virelia has the King of Talos’ ear, before she arranges a late night rendezvous with the Duke of Bax. An unkind discovery.

The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power: Consequences (2/4)

The Iron Spire burns as Virelia disappears. Rook and her company, the Murder, arrives at the Iron Spire in the confusion, only to find her contact, the Duke of Bax, has been murdered. The White Ruin finds Lady Xanstra and enters into an agreement. Lady Xanstra hires Rook but warns White Ruin that they may have to kill her once her usefulness has run its course. Rook has a vision. The White Ruin forsakes the patronage of the Bloody Fist.

The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power: Consequences (3/4)

The Prince comes under Virelia’s influence, but her machinations are complicated with the arrival of Standor at the camp of the Talosian army. Rook and the White Ruin deliver Lady Xanstra to misty Varangia, where they discover a corsair fleet sheltered. Lady Xanstra reveals her plan to the White Ruin, who has a vision of an escaped Forgotten One. Standor makes a pact with the Queen’s instrument, Marshal Arkan. Virelia agrees to go to Skathos, even if it means bringing Standor. Rook and Strawblood grow close.

The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power: Consequences (4/4)

Standor and Virelia arrive in Skathos; Standor makes his presence felt. White Ruin, Rook, and Lady Xanstra reach Skathos by sea, and there is a reunion in the catacombs beneath Conthraxas. Standor betrays Rook. The Bloody Fist looks to end White Ruin, who fights off the Wanderers so that the others can reach the Seal. Virelia discovers the power manipulating the Prince. Standor begets an Evil into the world. Rook’s arrival complicates matters. Blood is spilled. Destinies are written.