The Tannhauser Investment: A Mission for The Sprawl RPG

I’ve just released a new mission for The Sprawl RPG by Ardens Ludere and wanted to share it with everybody here as I know there are many PbtA enthusiasts within the community. This mission is the first of a trilogy that should be ready mid-late November so I’m releasing it as a free preview and would really love any feedback. It’s the first product I’ve put out for a PbtA game, between the different system and wanting to improve my layout skills it has provided a really engaging challenge.

The trilogy is called The Synth Convergence and the missions are thematically tied together by Synthetic Intelligence - AIs that are pushing their presence into the physical world, with their existence and presence being exploited by the already omnipresent Corporations. This mission, The Tannhauser Investment, sees the team contracted to undertake a hostile takeover of a Corporate subsidary by infiltrating a super-luxury hotel in order to force the majority shareholder into transfering their shares to an off-shore shell company. All in a days work for a professional, in and out with no collatoral damage.

You can download the mission for free from itch or drivethruRPG and I am extremely open to any and all feedback.