The Twilight Throne and the Houses of Ruin: Annihilation Quarterly (July to Sept)

I’m saving one spot in this game for somebody who hasn’t played in a game I’ve run on the Gauntlet before. If that’s you, please DM me to claim the spot.

The Twilight Throne by Rae Nedjadi is a game of political intrigue and tragic intimacy where you will play as Nobles, dark surreal fairytale characters bound by family, power, duty, and desire. Can you play the grand game and survive the curse that your power is built on? Can you fulfill the commands of the Throne while honoring your own ambition?

In this quarterly, the Curse of the land manifests as apocalypse . The Nobles have denied the inevitable for generations, but now any hope to save the land and its magic is long dead. One by one, the Houses will fall, and in their wake there will only be devastation and the weak fighting over scraps of magic. That will not be you. You will embrace tragedy, hastening the end of all things, and claim what power you can.

Can you face the end of all things and craft a tragedy that suits your fatalist desire? Or will you fall prey to your grandiose illusions and lose it all?

The Twilight Throne is a Forged in the Dark game currently in beta. No rules knowledge is required and all rules will be taught during play. Players new to Forged in the Dark very welcome; I have never really run a fitd game before so may need to stop and look things up from time to time, and you should only sign up if you’re okay with that.

Subject matter for this game includes violence, horror generally and body horror in particular, romance and callous political manoeuvring in the face of an apocalypse. You are playing as Nobles who have access to immense magical, political, and social power. You are probably not good people, but you’re not cartoonishly evil either.

Rae estimates the Throne of Annihilation will take up to 10 sessions to play out. I’ve scheduled a full quarterly, meaning we can take our time if we want to, and have flexibility if we need to cancel a session or two. It’s possible we’ll complete the story before the last scheduled session, especially if your machinations accelerate the looming end of all things (maniacal cackling) .

Attendance at all sessions is highly recommended but not required. Please sign up for all sessions you wish to attend. The first week will be for ‘session zero’-style character and setting creation, so please try to attend that one if you’d like to play.

Sessions will be played over Zoom with short breaks on the hour. I’d like to record sessions for my own use if all players agree (I’m terrible at taking notes), but don’t expect to post them publicly.

I’ll email players a week before the first session to confirm attendance, share play materials, etc.

Open access time for sign ups is 7:30pm 9 May, AEST.

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